Before Shareholder Meeting, Thousands to March on McDonald’s

March on Mcdonalds may 23

McDonald’s stands against us ALL. On May 23, we FIGHT BACK – with the March on McDonald’s in Chicago! McDonald’s has changed a lot about its business lately – but it hasn’t changed the way it treats workers. We still get paid so little that we have to rely on food stamps and public assistance… Read more →

May 1 Strike Guide

how to legally strike may 1

May 1 is an international day of strikes and actions for immigrant and workers’ rights. If you’re planning on going on strike, make sure you’re protected. You have rights under the National Labor Relations Act and you can’t be fired for taking part in protected strike actions — but you have to take certain steps… Read more →

Guia por salir en huelga el primero de mayo

Conozca sus derechos

Que hacer y no hacer: Hacer: Notificar a su jefe que está en huelga Dígale a su jefe las razones por las que va a salir en huelga Imprima y entregue un aviso de huelga a su gerente Salga en huelga sobre las condiciones en su lugar de trabajo Reclutar a sus compañeros de trabajo… Read more →

$15/hour Minimum Wage Support Surges Nationwide

Demand for $15/hour continues to grow even louder. More and more elected officials and employers spanning the entire country are listening to our movement. Last Monday, Minneapolis Mayor Betsey Hodges announced her support for raising the city’s minimum wage to $15/hour. The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported more than half of the city council would support… Read more →

McDonald’s Accused of Inflating Prices in France, Italy, and Germany

McDonald’s was hit with three major antitrust complaints Tuesday filed with authorities in France, Germany, and Italy, charging the fast-food giant with widespread abuse of its dominant market position throughout Europe. The complaints outline McDonald’s systemic efforts to suppress competition through restrictive contracts that impose exorbitant rent costs on its franchisees, as well as rigid… Read more →

Day of Action: Fight for $15 and Movement for Black Lives

Thousands of workers are taking to the streets today with Fight for $15 and Movement for Black Lives demanding racial and economic justice. Los Angeles turned up today, complete with a banner drop:   San Diego knows how to turn up, too: And let’s not forget about Boston: There will be more than a dozen… Read more →

Fight for $15 Continues Dr. King’s “Revolution of Values”

Fifty years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr called for a “revolution of values” in our nation – taking a stand loud and clear against militarism and racism and for economic injustice. Exactly one year later, he was killed – marching with striking sanitation workers here in Memphis. But the movement did not end with… Read more →

Durham Fast-Food Worker Speaks Out Against HB2

In response to a deal announced late Wednesday between North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper and Republican state lawmakers regarding H.B. 2, Earl Bradley, a Wendy’s worker and Fight for $15 leader from Durham, N.C., who is paid $8/hour, issued the following statement: “Rather than repealing our state’s discriminatory HB2 law, this deal doubles-down on the… Read more →