We hear too many stories like Myrna’s

Last week, #FightFor15 leader and former McDonald’s worker Myrna De los Santos died. She didn’t have to. Myrna couldn’t afford health insurance because of the low pay she got working at McDonald’s and because the state of Missouri didn’t expand Medicaid. Sign the petition to say we won’t accept another tragedy. Stand with Myrna. Myrna… Read more →

We won’t wait another 400 years

This weekend we showed the world how we #FightFor15 at our first-ever convention and march on Richmond. We came from across the nation: We came from every walk of life in America. From home care workers to fast-food cooks, child care workers to airport baggage handlers, university faculty and thousands more. We marched on the… Read more →

The Fight for $15: Proud and United in Richmond

What a historic weekend. The march is winding down, but this movement is just getting started. Today and yesterday, thousands and thousands of  workers came together to talk about what type of world they want to live in, and supported each other in planning for how they’ll make that vision a reality. We met and… Read more →

Massive Strike in Richmond

This is the #FightFor15 — workers coming together, standing strong, and showing their bosses and the world’s biggest corporations that we won’t be ignored any more. This morning hundreds of workers are striking and protesting at a McDonald’s right here in Richmond, VA.  McDonald’s and the fast food giants cannot ignore us — It’s time… Read more →

LIVE VIDEO: Thousands converge on Richmond to #FightFor15

Here we are — the first-ever Fight for $15 Convention. Thousands of workers coming together because we’re sick of working long hours and still not making enough to get by. Watch the Facebook Live video of our convention right now — we’re standing up and speaking out because we’re done with racism, done with immigrants… Read more →

I will march with the Fight for $15 in Richmond, VA

A letter from Reverend Dr. William J. Barber II   I was there last week. On stage at the Democratic National Convention, I called for a moral agenda and for all of us to do our part to expand and revive the Heart of America. The moral vision of our Constitution calls on us to push… Read more →

Rev. Dr. Barber takes the Fight for $15 to the Democratic Convention

Rev. Dr. William Barber II, the architect of the Moral Monday movement, tore the house down at the Democratic National Convention. On a night where progressive leaders from across the country came together to pitch progress — Rev. Dr. Barber and his message of moral courage and social justice stole the spotlight. “I say to… Read more →