The Fight for $15 to hold FIRST EVER nationwide convention

Thousands of Americans doing all kinds of work for too little pay are heading to Richmond — the ex-capital of the Confederacy — to fight for for justice. Economic justice. Immigration justice. Racial justice. Representatives of the country’s nearly 64 million workers paid less than $15 per hour will be there — McDonald’s cashiers and… Read more →

Big step forward in McDonald’s wage theft lawsuit

In great news for McDonald’s workers, US Judge James Donato has certified that a group of workers can a bring lawsuit against the McDonald’s corporation that alleges that franchises of the fast-food giant stole wages from workers. This is a big deal. “McDonald’s abusive practices aren’t a problem just for my family and me, but… Read more →

Democrats add $15 minimum wage to party platform

In yet another monumental win for the Fight for $15, the Democratic party announced that they’ve added support for $15 an hour pay to their official party platform. One of the most important institutions in American politics has thrown its weight behind a $15 national minimum wage. We just keep winning. Terrence Wise, a Kansas… Read more →

Alabama Fast-Food Workers Expand Civil Rights Wage Suit

A lawsuit filed in April against the state of Alabama for blocking Birmingham’s minimum wage increase expanded Thursday with the filing of an amended complaint that includes additional plaintiffs and defendants and a new claim that the bill signed by Gov. Robert Bentley nullifying the pay hike violated the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The… Read more →

New Jersey Senate passes $15 statewide min wage

New Jersey took a big step towards another Fight for $15 victory as their State Senate passed a $15 statewide min wage. That’d mean raises for more than 1,000,000 workers! It’s up to the Governor now to sign this historic legislation — if Christie fails his state’s people and opts to fecklessly veto, then the… Read more →

Another HUGE win: Washington DC passes $15 minimum wage

Huge victory in Washington DC — the city council has passed a $15 minimum wage for all workers and the mayor has given the law her blessing. This is yet another win for the Fight for $15, adding to wins from Seattle to New York to California. We stood as one, fought hard, and yet… Read more →

“McDonald’s can easily afford to give us a raise”

“I never thought I’d go on strike and march against my employer — much less sleep in a tent outside company headquarters. But I’m doing it because I simply can’t make ends meet, even though I work hard. I get paid just $8.25 per hour. That’s so low that the only bill I can pay… Read more →

Support for the Fight for $15 pours in from across the world

Thousands of marchers are converging on McDonald’s headquarters today to protest — McDonald’s profits keep growing while their workers get left behind! 10,000 workers with the Fight for $15 are taking their message to McDonald’s door because full-time workers should NEVER need food stamps and other assistance to get by. People across the country are… Read more →