Third-degree burn. McDonald's "treatment"? MUSTARD.

An expectant mother is told by her manager to treat a bad boiling-water burn with mustard. MUSTARD.

A fast-food worker gets third-degree burns from a blisteringly hot, totally unsafe fry lamp.

A cook sears the entire palm of his hand on a too-hot grill — and his supervisor makes him work for hours before getting it treated.

This is the truth about the serious, painful and often permanent injuries that occur every single day in fast-food kitchens across the country. Dangerous conditions, insane “first-aid treatments” like mustard and butter on burns, and poor management have led to this: Four out of five fast-food workers have been burned, most repeatedly. That’s 2.8 million workers burned this year.

Call on the Department of Labor to investigate an industry that is putting millions of fast-food workers’ health and safety at risk EVERY DAY.