#ProtectAllWorkers: Demand Long-Term Solutions in the Next Coronavirus Relief Bill

Every day, workers in the Fight for $15 movement are putting their lives on the line to go to work for minimum wage.

To fight back, they’ve gone on strike across the country, demanding protections like paid sick leave and protective equipment. But that’s only the beginning.

Congress is deciding right now what the next coronavirus relief bill will look like. Make sure it supports those of us who are keeping this country running!

SIGN NOW: Demand that Congress #ProtectAllWorkers – NOW

Last time, Congress made sure to bail out the banks, but “essential workers” like us were largely left behind. One $1,200 check is nowhere near enough. We need a long-term solution to this crisis, and that’s only going to happen if we DEMAND one.

Sign the petition to stand with us and demand McDonald’s stop and prevent sexual harassment.