RIGHT NOW: Strike in Milwaukee

Yesterday, fast-food workers in Detroit walked off the job.

Today, fast-food workers are striking in Milwaukee.

And while workers are out in the street, McDonalds is actively trying to limit worker rights even more than they already do.

For years, we’ve been demanding that McDonald’s stop sexual harassment in its stores, stop illegally harassing and intimidating workers, and stop committing wage theft against their own employees, and we’ve been making real progress.

But now, under the leadership of the Trump administration, the National Labor Relations Board is colluding with McDonald’s to make our fight even harder. They want to change the law to let companies like Uber and McDonald’s to dodge responsibility for what happens to employees on the job. We can’t let them. Not while workers are risking everything in the streets this week. Not ever.

Please raise your voice NOW. Tell the National Labor Relations Board that McDonald’s must take responsibility for their employees – and tell them why you care.

Demand that McDonald’s take responsibility for its employees by submitting your comment to the NLRB today >>