Whose Side is Alexander Acosta On?

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The Fight for $15 scored a major victory when we helped knock out Donald Trump’s first pick to lead the Department of Labor – the awful fast-food CEO Andy Puzder.

Now, Trump’s nominated Alexander Acosta for the job – and we want to know: Will he stand up for us?

This is our moment to find out – and make sure our senators hold him accountable.

What do you want to #AskAcosta?

Check out these videos of Fight for $15 workers sharing what WE want to #AskAcosta – then submit your own question!


Will he support a $15 minimum wage so hardworking Americans can feed our families and pay our bills?

Will he protect the people’s right to join together, organize, and form strong organizations, like unions?

Will he crack down on employers who actually STEAL from employees by withholding overtime and other forms of illegal wage theft?

How would he help us get a fair opportunity to create a union?

Will he help us keep our families out of poverty?

What is he going to do to help minimum wage workers?

What will he do to improve the wages of fast-food workers and low-income families?

What will he do to help us raise the wage so we can afford medication and health insurance?

Will he call on companies to respect the rights of workers to go on strike?

Will he publicly support working people across the country who are fighting for $15/hour and union rights?

Will he use his influence to support workers who are organizing for a union on the job?

What will he do the help workers gain benefits and raise wages?

Will he stand behind us as we fight for a living wage?

Will he use his position to promote respect for worker’s rights?

What will he do as Secretary of Labor to give us the raises and respect that will change our lives?

Make sure YOUR Senators find out if Acosta is on the side of workers. Tweet at them now: