Tell McDonald’s: Black Lives Matter isn’t just a slogan, we need racial and economic justice NOW!

McDonald’s’ mistreatment of its workforce isn’t new, but their hypocrisy and contempt for Black workers is gross.

Black McDonald’s workers across the country have shared horrifying accounts of mistreatment in the workplace. In Illinois, workers report instances of management calling Black workers “ghetto,” “lazy,” and “smelly,” cutting their hours, and making it difficult for them to make ends meet. This anti-Blackness and discrimination will not be tolerated.

McDonald’s can’t put out press releases and social media posts saying that they stand with Black Lives when they:

  • Failed to protect workers during the COVID-19 crisis, a pandemic that has disproportionately affected Black and Brown people
  • Continue to ignore workers speaking out against racial discrimination and sexual harassment
  • Continue to pay poverty wages and work against their Black workers’ demands for $15, union rights, and safe and secure work places

Send McDonald’s a message: justice denied to some is justice denied to all. They MUST prioritize racial and economic justice and take action to end anti-Blackness and racial discrimination at their stores.