Settlement in PPE lawsuit is a win for workers

Workers striking outside McDonald's.

Last year, a McDonald’s in Oakland, CA made headlines for forcing workers to work during the pandemic… and telling workers to use coffee filters and dog diapers as masks. This kind of disregard for safety and public health is unacceptable. Ultimately, there was an outbreak at the store, where 11 workers tested positive for COVID-19.

So workers went on strike, filed a lawsuit, and WON important protections. A settlement reached earlier this month keeps those protections in place and ensures that this store will continue implementing appropriate safety measures and paid sick leave.

This is a major win for workers at that store. Still, too many McDonald’s workers don’t have these protections, with more than 75% reporting not having paid sick leave.

It shouldn’t take a major outbreak for McDonald’s to do the right thing. TELL MCDONALD’S — Keep EVERY worker safe with paid sick leave and proper safety measures >>

McDonald’s put profits over people throughout this whole pandemic. Giving workers paid sick leave and safe working conditions is the least they can do. With the new Delta Variant spreading through our communities, there’s no more time to waste.