Before Shareholder Meeting, Thousands to March on McDonald’s

March on Mcdonalds may 23

McDonald’s stands against us ALL. On May 23, we FIGHT BACK – with the March on McDonald’s in Chicago!

McDonald’s has changed a lot about its business lately – but it hasn’t changed the way it treats workers. We still get paid so little that we have to rely on food stamps and public assistance to raise our families. We still face sexual harassment on the job, and get money stolen from our paychecks.

And it’s not just McDonald’s workers that are hurt by the company’s way of doing business. McJobs cost us all.

As the biggest fast-food company, McDonald’s sets the bar for pay and working conditions throughout the fast-food industry and beyond. McDonald’s way of doing business is holding EVERYONE back.

Its model of low wages is now what we find in every industry — like home care, child care, airports, universities and more.

And so ahead of McDonald’s shareholder meeting, workers in all industries are coming together to demand that McDonald’s use its massive economic power to lift up working families across the economy instead of dragging them down.

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Join us for a massive march on McDonald’s in Chicago May 23!

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