Starbucks Shareholders Vote in Favor of a Third-Party Review Into the Company’s Union-Busting

Thanks to your support, we have made major progress in our efforts to hold Starbucks accountable for their union-busting practices.

First, we got former CEO Howard Schultz to testify at the Senate HELP Committee hearing regarding Starbucks union-busting.

Then, we got Starbucks shareholders to vote in favor of a third-party review into the company’s union-busting practices. This is a significant step forward in holding Starbucks accountable for their actions and ensuring that workers’ rights are protected.

But, this is just the beginning. It is important we remain vigilant and actively involved in this process. When we fight together, WE WIN.

TAKE ACTION: Sign our petition calling on Starbucks’ new CEO Laxman Narasimhan to do the right thing and respect workers’ rights.

Thank you for your help in getting us to this point. We must continue to push Starbucks to stop union-busting and begin serious contract negotiations with workers. These are important steps toward creating a fair and just workplace for all Starbucks employees. Sign now in solidarity with Starbucks workers.