St. Louis Workers to Mayor: Stand with Us, not McDonald’s

Fight for $15 workers took to the streets in St. Louis on Wednesday to protest the Mayor’s embarrassing embrace of McDonald’s.

Workers organized the day of action following the mayor’s tweet that said that “everybody loves McDonald’s”, and encouraged people to apply for open positions at the chain. The mayor didn’t acknowledge that McDonald’s still refuses to pay their employees a living wage, or take action against sexual harassment in their stores.

“We stand here not to shame the mayor but to inform and educate the mayor,” said the Rev. Darryl Gray, an activist who joined the protest. “I’m praying at the end of the day when she gets the facts…that she’ll do the right thing.”

Their message to the Mayor is clear — don’t be a McDonald’s mouthpiece. Instead, hold them accountable for paying starvation wages, for failing to take meaningful action on sexual harassment, and for contributing to the destruction of the Amazon. Elected officials must stand with workers, and help create an economy that works for everyone.