Tell the Senate: #ProtectAllWorkers, not McDonald’s!

While workers across the country put their lives on the line for poverty wages, Senate Republicans are blocking the support we need to survive.

The House passed the HEROES Act, which would protect the health and safety of workers, extend unemployment at the current level, and invest in an economy and democracy that work for all.

But Senate Republicans proposed their own bill to sell out workers and families. Here’s just some of what they’re proposing:

  • Cutting $400 a week from unemployment insurance benefit that millions depend on
  • Removing liability for companies who do not protect workers’ health and safety
  • Refusing to expand food assistance via SNAP while giving wealthy corporations a business meal tax deduction
  • Abandoning assistance for Black people and other communities of color that are working on the frontlines and disproportionately devastated by COVID-19

The Senate could vote to give workers relief TODAY. Instead they’re busy enriching wealthy corporations. Call 844-944-1556 to DEMAND your Senators vote to pass the House version of the HEROES Act immediately and #ProtectAllWorkers.

Last week thousands of essential workers across the country went on the biggest strike in years demanding racial and economic justice. Because we’ve had enough.

Call 844-944-1556 and tell your Senators: until you #ProtectAllWorkers, your work is NOT DONE.