The Fight for $15 and a Union brings the fight to McDonald’s annual shareholder’s meeting – and beyond.

McDonald’s SILENCED their own worker on their annual shareholder’s call. But they can’t silence the movement for $15/hr and union rights.

“In your restaurants, right this minute, workers are getting sick from COVID-19,” Terrence Wise, a Fight for $15 leader, told shareholders. “We deserve $15 and a Union!” At that point, the Chairman of the Board muted his line.

McDonald’s is putting our lives on the line and they don’t even have the respect to hear what it’s like in their stores. Coronavirus is killing people in Black and Brown communities at higher rates – and instead of listening to us about the problem, they SILENCE us. Demand McDonald’s #ProtectAllWorkers.

All week, workers fought for what we need to survive this not just this crisis, but also the everyday crises we face living on poverty wages.

  • Workers in 20 cities from (Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, and more) went on strike to demand personal protective gear, hazard pay, and paid sick leave.
  • Labor organizations representing tens of millions of workers around the world filed a powerful complaint with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) against McDonald’s for systemic gender based violence and harassment.
  • McDonald’s workers in Chicago filed a class-action lawsuit against McDonald’s’ inadequate response to COVID-19, and its effects on both workers and the public.

We’re not done – and we won’t be until McDonald’s pays us the wages and respect we deserve.

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