The road to $15/hr goes through Georgia

I work 2 jobs to pay my bills.

Last month, millions of essential workers showed up at the ballot box to demand corporations and politicians: respect us, protect us, and pay us.

Now, the January 5th Senate runoffs in Georgia have the potential to put us on the path to $15/hr for ALL workers. If you live in Georgia, check your registration or register to vote by the December 7th deadline. And if you want to get involved, even if you’re outside Georgia, take action here.

Workers have been making poverty wages for too long. Right now the state minimum wage in Georgia is only $5.15/hour. It’s so low that the federal government makes them raise it to $7.25 – but that’s not even close to enough to pay rent, get health insurance, or feed a family.

Winning these Senate seats in Georgia would mean a real shot at winning a federal $15/hr minimum wage and union rights for ALL workers.

Check your registration or register to vote NOW!