They don’t want you to vote. Register today!

They’re counting on us not voting on November 3rd.

Corporations that deny hazard pay to workers on the front lines of a deadly pandemic are counting on it.

Politicians who have the power to give us a $15/minimum wage but who keep us living in poverty are counting on it.

They don’t want us to vote. But the stakes are too high to sit this election out. Across the country, a $15/hr minimum wage, Unions for All, and justice reforms are all on the ballot.

Today is National Voter Registration Day. Check your registration and make sure your friends and family are ready to help win racial and economic justice this November.

This November, voting is the most powerful tool we have to fight back against the Trump administration and forces that allow corporations like McDonald’s to go unchecked.

Voting is how we send a powerful message: Our work is essential, our lives are essential, and so are our votes. Voting is how we show that we will fight.

Our lives depend on it.