Third 2020 debate showed the power of workers’ demands

The September 12th debate in Houston showed the STRENGTH of our message in demanding racial and economic justice by raising the minimum wage and winning unions for all.

Senator Warren spoke about the need to “negotiate trade with unions at the table…with small farmers at the table…with environmentalists at the table.”

Senator Sanders said that “every worker in this country deserves a living wage and that we expand the trade union movement.”

Mayor Buttigieg spoke to the devastatingly low pay that teachers across America face.

Small changes are not what this country needs — we need big solutions to end poverty wages, to fix the rigged economy, to ensure affordable healthcare for all, and to solve our climate crisis.

We won’t stop until every candidate supports #UnionsforAll to make sure that working people have a voice in the decisions that impact their lives — from wages to climate justice.

The status quo is that too many of us struggle to pay our rent, that too many of us worry about how we’re going to afford groceries for our kids. Too many of us are forced to breathe dirtier air and drink dirty water simply because of where we live.

If any of the candidates don’t yet know that united workers have the power we need to WIN, then we are here to tell them. We need a president who is ready to fight for our opportunities and our futures. Will you join us?

Sign now — ask the 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates to fight alongside us to win Unions for All!