Union Momentum in Milwaukee: $15 and a path to a union for 2,000 workers

Workers joined elected officials and candidates at an America Needs Unions town hall yesterday in Milwaukee. After scoring an agreement with the Milwaukee Bucks arena to provide fair wages and a path to a union for 2,000 workers, they’re building on that momentum to bring good union jobs statewide.



The group agreed that there’s still work to be done in Milwaukee, where workers like Jonathan struggle to pay rent. Despite working overtime at McDonald’s, Jonathan is still forced to stay at shelters with his four kids.




Workers get stuck in the cycle of poverty living paycheck to paycheck, with no opportunity to save for the futures they dream of.



Milwaukee leaders doubled down on their vows to fight for workers rights and fair wages. “Wisconsin must do better and we will do better.”



Gubernatorial Candidate Mahlon Mitchell reminded participants of everything unions have done for the American people, from workplace safety standards to anti-discrimination laws to the 40 hour work week.

Unions have “helped to build the largest middle class in history,” he said. “They help to balance out the power. Why do you think billionaires spend so much money trying to destroy unions?”



Randy Bryce, an ironworker and candidate for U.S. Representative (WI-01), praised unions as a model of democracy in the workplace: “Unions are about looking out for each other. Every workplace needs one.”



And Gubernatorial Candidate Kelda Roys called on the state of Wisconsin to lead the fight for fair wages and union rights.




Watch the full video of the Milwaukee Town Hall here:


Live: Workers from the Fight for 15 and community supporters meet with candidates and elected officials to tell it like it is. We are looking for leaders who will fight for us to have the raises and unions Wisconsin needs.

Posted by Fight for $15 Wisconsin on Monday, July 2, 2018