WATCH: Workers Walk Off the Job for #WalkoutWednesday to Demand Better Protections

WATCH: Workers walk off the job to demand better protections >>

McDonald’s isn’t doing nearly enough to protect their employees — so workers are walking out to demand Personal Protective Equipment, sick leave, and hazard pay.

Workers are sick and tired of being deemed “essential” when they put their lives on the line just to make minimum wage.

Here’s why they are walking off the job for #WalkoutWednesday:

  • “I fear that I’m a soldier on the front line, bound to be the first to fall. Over cheeseburgers.
  • “We’re willing to go to jail for our children, for justice…It’s a dire situation for our families. It’s life or death.”
  • “It’s unjust for someone to be a life-long McDonald’s employee, and McDonald’s doesn’t do anything for their employees.”

Workers across America today are sending a strong, resounding message: corporations like McDonald’s have a responsibility to keep workers safe and treat them with dignity.

How many of us have to die before essential workers are heard? How long are we going to allow our lives to be put in danger for McDonald’s profit?

Today’s walkouts in cities across America are sending a powerful message that every single person deserves basic protections from coronavirus, not just empty words.

Stand with all McDonald’s workers! Watch the livestream of the walkouts now >>