We keep fighting. We keep winning.

We are worth more.

2018 was a HUGE year for the Fight for $15. We marched, we protested, we went on strike, we called our reps – and we never stopped fighting.  

Because of that, we’re ending the year with three HUGE victories:

  • In North Carolina, UNC health care announced that all of its employees will make at least $15 an hour by July 2019.
  • In Ohio, Cleveland Clinic agreed to raise the hourly rate for their caregivers to $15 by 2020.
  • And in Tennessee, the Shelby County Commission approved a resolution by Mayor Lee Harris to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour for the entire county.

These wins prove that all of our organizing and hard work are paying off. That’s the energy we need to take with us into next year. Our voices are being heard, and our movement is stronger than ever. We won’t stop until every worker across the country gets the pay they deserve.