We organized. We voted. We won. We’re not done yet.


Last night, our movement – you, me, and the Fight for $15 – won major victories all across the country. In cities like Milwaukee, WI and Detroit, MI, we proved the Fight for $15 and A Union is stronger than ever – and we’re just getting started.

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Here’s just a taste of what we made happen last night:

  • We won minimum wage increases in Arkansas and Missouri – giving workers in those states a raise and bringing them one step closer to being paid what they’re worth.
  • Candidates stood with workers, and then rode our collective power to victory. Gretchen Whitmer marched with the Fight for $15 last month in Detroit; last night she was elected Governor of Michigan. And Scott Walker – one of the most anti-union governors in the country – was kicked out of office.
  • We showed up – for each other and for our movement – and our efforts paid off BIG. We marched in the streets, risking arrest, and then propelled that energy into a massive voter outreach effort that swung the needle in critical races across the country. From Arkansas to Wisconsin to Michigan, your work truly made a difference.

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This is just the beginning. Our fight to build power for workers and win union rights all across the country continues.

Today, we take a moment to celebrate – and then tomorrow, we take the power we just won and leverage it into higher wages and stronger unions for workers everywhere.