We took the #FightFor15 to McDonald’s AND Donald Trump

Woooooooooooooow, what a week!

We took the #FightFor15 to McDonald's AND Donald Trump every single day.
You've got to watch (and share!) this video of the action to see it all for yourself.

Women workers in Chicago came together to discuss leading the struggle – from the Women's March to the #FightFor15, as they prepped to lead thousands in the March on McDonald's.

THOUSANDS of us took over downtown Chicago to march on McDonald's AND Donald Trump and demand $15/hr and union rights.

We took the march straight to McDonald's HQ, as investors from around the world gathered for the annual McDonald's shareholder meeting. As they count up their billions and plan for the year to come, we made sure they heard from US too.

We force the world to see why we #FightFor15.
Watch and share this video RIGHT NOW to make sure your family & friends, your neighbors & enemies ALL know this movement's power.

McDonald's March video'


Every time we show up, we're BIGGER and LOUDER than ever before.

Each time, our demand for $15/hr and union rights is stronger because WE are stronger.

Because of our work, the federal $15 minimum wage bill introduced by House and Senate Democratic leadership has six times as many co-sponsors as it did two years ago.

We've gone from "laughable" to "inevitable."

With growing momentum, with huge crowds, with YOU, I know that we will win.

Thanks for fighting with us.
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