Wisconsin Workers Hold Their Own State of the State Address

Wisconsin Fight for $15 workers at the state Capitol

Fed up with Gov. Scott Walker’s attacks on working people and their unions, local fast-food and hospital workers in the Fight for $15 will took to the Wisconsin statehouse Wednesday, Jan. 25, to protest the governor’s State of the State address, stressing their commitment to defeating Walker and electing a pro-worker governor in the November election.



Gov. Walker and Republican state lawmakers have waged a string of attacks on workers’ unions in recent years. Over the past eight years, Walker has blocked minimum wage increases, killed Wisconsin’s century-old wage boards, and busted the very unions that fight for working people, all while giving corporations major tax handouts.

Ahead of the 2018 election, the Fight for $15 movement in Wisconsin will volunteer 40 hours of their time in an unprecedented effort to engage voters in the state who have been left out of the political process.

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