We won’t wait another 400 years

This weekend we showed the world how we #FightFor15 at our first-ever convention and march on Richmond.

We came from across the nation:

Protestors from All Over the Country!

We came from every walk of life in America. From home care workers to fast-food cooks, child care workers to airport baggage handlers, university faculty and thousands more.

Workers from All Fields!

We marched on the capital of the old Confederacy, Richmond, Virginia.

Protesting at the Robert E. Lee Statue

We carried the names and photos of our Sisters and Brothers killed by police.

Mike Brown. #BlackLivesMatter

We spoke in one voice – to say that economic justice is inseparable from racial justice. To tackle poverty, we must tackle systemic racism. We are all in the same boat.

Black Work Matters

We stood together with Rev. Dr. William Barber II, who crystallized why we Fight for $15: “It took us 400 years to go from slavery to now, to get from $0 to $7.25. We can’t wait another 400 years.”

Rev. Dr. William Barber II

We marched over 8,000 strong to remind politicians that 64 million of us make less than $15 per hour and you can't take us for granted and win.

More than 8,000 marched!

We will not be stopped – until we win freedom, justice and union rights. Until we win this #FightFor15.

On Strike for a Better South!

Keep the march going. Share this image right now with your friends and family:

This is why we #Fightfor15!