WATCH NOW: Workers and allies take the fight to Starbucks HQ

A protest sign reading "Grind Beans, Not Workers"

While Starbucks shareholders were counting their profits, hundreds of workers and allies rallied outside of Starbucks headquarters. Our message was simple – stop union busting and respect Starbucks workers. Watch and share now >>



Starbucks workers across the country have consistently faced the same issues: erratic scheduling, short staffing, low pay, and disrespect. Starbucks has bullied its workers to try and squash efforts to form a union. They illegally harassed, intimidated, and even fired workers as part of its growing campaign of anti-union bullying.

That’s not right.

We’ve won union elections in nearly 300 stores across the country. But instead of agreeing to fair wages and treatment, the company is doing everything it can to silence us. And now, the National Labor Relations Board is prosecuting Starbucks for more than 1,300 alleged violations of workers’ rights since we won our first union store a little over a year ago. We will not be silenced. Share now in solidarity with Starbucks workers >>