Workers Are Going on Strike to Demand $15 for ALL McDonald’s Workers, Not Just 5%

May 19: McDonald's Workers on Strike. Group of workers holding a sign that says "McDonald's: $15 & Union Rights, Not Food Stamps! #FightFor15"

McDonald’s just announced they are increasing pay to an average of $15/hr by 2024…but only in their corporate stores. This means that the raise only applies to SOME WORKERS IN 5% of McDonald’s locations – roughly 650 stores out of nearly 14,000.

McDonald’s “raise” is nothing more than a PR stunt. McDonald’s made $5 billion in corporate profits last year. They can afford to raise pay to $15/hr for every single employee, not just some employees at corporate-owned and operated stores.

Make no mistake: McDonald’s would not have even made this step without years of organizing from workers. And workers are going to keep showing up until EVERY worker wins $15/hr.

Join striking workers to demand $15/hr and union rights for all McDonald’s workers >>