#OrganizetheSouth: Workers in Durham demand union rights

Yesterday in Durham, workers, candidates, and others in the community gathered to declare that America Needs Unions – especially in a so-called “right-to-work” state with a ban on collective bargaining.

They kicked things off with a clear message: “Union, yes!”



North Carolina has the second lowest rate of union membership in the country at 3.4%, and the workers told stories of the disastrous results like low wages, 48-hour workweeks, and workplace conditions so poor that some even died:






The workers who spoke also called on elected officials to state their support for unions and change the story in North Carolina.




And officials and candidates responded:






Many people don’t believe you can #OrganizeTheSouth like this, but the North Carolina workers are proving that workers EVERYWHERE want and need unions – they showed up because they know they deserve better.



The Town Hall ended with a group photo and a chant:

“What time is it?”




Watch the entire #NCNeedsUnions Town Hall here:


We're live from the #NCNeedsUnions Town Hall in Durham where working people are challenging candidates on ways to strengthen our freedom to join together in #union to raise wages and created thriving communities!

Posted by Durham Workers Assembly on Thursday, June 14, 2018