Workers on the frontlines in Florida demand protections as state businesses reopen

We’re striking for our lives. Again.

As Florida begins to reopen, corporations like McDonald’s continue to deny employees bare minimum protections we need. A McDonald’s store in Tampa still has not provided masks to workers – despite promises from the company.

We know that McDonald’s won’t protect all their employees on their own. That’s why we have to stand up and demand what we need to survive like protective equipment, paid sick leave, and hazard pay. Striking works, and together, we are a voice that McDonald’s can’t ignore.

Add your name and demand that McDonald’s #ProtectAllWorkers NOW.

The lockdown may be lifting, but the pandemic is far from over. Across the country, we have to fight for every bottle of hand sanitizer, every facemask, and every cent of hazard pay.

Today, in Florida, the fight continues. We won’t rest until all workers see the protections we deserve.

If McDonald’s wants to continue to benefit from our essential work, they MUST treat us like essential workers. They MUST take action to ensure our safety. And until they do, we will NOT stand down.

Sign the petition to join us as we strike for what we need to survive this crisis.