Workers showed UP across the country for $15/hr

Workers showed up for $15 in front of the Holllywood sign in Los Angeles.

Our movement jammed the phone lines in Congress. We kept up the pressure during Walkout Wednesday joining Rep. Pramila Jayapal and SEIU President Mary Kay Henry to call for a federal $15 minimum wage.

Then we took to the streets and social media to tell our stories, dropping banners from coast to coast, driving mobile billboards through DC, and making the Fight for 15 go viral online.

But the fight for a $15/hr minimum wage is not over yet.

With the news that the Senate parliamentarian ruled the minimum wage increase is not eligible for the reconciliation process, Congress needs to do what we elected them to do: take whatever steps necessary to pass $15 and make sure workers get paid what they deserve.

Share your support on social media, and call your Senator at 1-888-639-5155 now >>