Workers STRIKE over safety conditions at a CA McDonald’s

Despite months of flashy press statements advertising their efforts to protect workers, McDonald’s workers continue to report working conditions that threaten the health of their entire communities. So on December 4th, workers walked off the job to STRIKE for safer conditions.

At a McDonald’s in Littlerock, CA there were no temperature checks at the start of shifts, no disinfection of shared drive-thru headsets and other high-touch surfaces, and workers unable to social distance standing elbow-to-elbow in a hot kitchen.

Twenty cases of COVID-19 have been linked to this particular McDonald’s, including eight workers and twelve family members, with sixteen confirmed and four suspected cases. Despite countless documented health and safety complaints on the violations of the safety guidelines, McDonald’s continues to do nothing.

Although workers have returned to work after their strike, we continue to fight for better protections in the workplace. Turn the pressure up on McDonald’s by sharing Margarita’s story to help hold McDonald’s accountable.

Workers have taken matters into their own hands by filing a complaint and going on STRIKE. We need higher pay and union rights. We’re underpaid, exploited, and tired of risking our lives for an employer who won’t respect us or pay us.