Workers to flood the streets, Fight for $15 on April 14

Tens of thousands of workers are preparing to make this Thursday, April 14th the biggest Fight for $15 strike day of all time. Actions and strikes will kick off in hundreds cities across the world, as workers unite to claim what they deserve — $15 an hour and union rights. We all know that McJobs cost us all (to the tune of $153 Billion of taxpayer money each year), and it’s high time for change.

These strikes and protests come hot on the heels of the biggest week in this campaign’s history. New York State won $15. California won $15. And Pennsylvania nursing home workers and hospital workers at UPMC (the state’s largest private employer) won $15, too. That’s ten million workers who are lifting themselves out of poverty with these humongous, inspiring victories. The Fight for $15 stays WINNING.

This week’s strikes are about spreading these great wins across the country, and making sure that businesses, politicians, and the media take note: We are strong. We are committed. And we are striking to end McJobs and win $15 EVERYWHERE. Sign up now to join us >>