About Us

The Fight for $15 started with just a few hundred fast food workers in New York City, striking for $15 an hour and union rights.

Today, we’re an international movement in over 300 cities on six continents of fast-food workers, home health aides, child care teachers, airport workers, adjunct professors, retail employees – and underpaid workers everywhere.

For too long, McDonald’s and low-wage employers have made billions of dollars in profit and pushed off costs onto taxpayers, while leaving people like us – the people who do the real work – to struggle to survive.

That’s why we strike.

We can’t feed our families, pay our bills or even keep a roof over our heads on minimum wage pay.

When we first took the streets, the skeptics called us dreamers – said a $15 wage was “unwinnable.”

We didn’t listen.

We won $15 an hour across New York State and California.

We won $15 in Seattle, and huge raises in cities from Portland to Chicago.

We won $15 for Pennsylvania nursing home workers and all hospital employees at UPMC – Pennsylvania’s largest private employer.

And we won’t stop fighting until we turn every McJob into a REAL job.

That’s the #FightFor15.

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