$15/hour Minimum Wage Support Surges Nationwide

Demand for $15/hour continues to grow even louder.

More and more elected officials and employers spanning the entire country are listening to our movement.

Last Monday, Minneapolis Mayor Betsey Hodges announced her support for raising the city’s minimum wage to $15/hour. The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported more than half of the city council would support a $15/hour minimum wage proposal, noting it could pass by the summer.

But business owners are not waiting for the city’s elected officials to make $15/hour the law of the land: Minneapolis coffee shop Common Roots Café announced it is raising pay for all its workers to $15/hour. A manager at the cafe noted that paying a living wage will help the café attract more customers, saying We’ve had numerous people come in and say how happy they are to support this.

Meanwhile, in San Antonio, financial services giant USAA—which provides financial services to the military and their families—announced it is raising wages for its employees to $16 an hour.

In Rhode Island, a poll released last week shows that the state’s proposal to raise the wage to $15 an hour is supported by 68 percent of voters.

Momentum for $15/hour crossed borders last week, too: In Toronto, Canada, cafeteria workers at University of Toronto’s Scarborough campus ended their two-month long strike after winning $15 an hour. The pay raise victory comes as a new poll this week showed that 70 percent of Torontonians support an increase to $15 an hour.

We’re gaining steam, y’all! And we won’t stop until we win $15/hr and union rights EVERYWHERE.