160 Cities. 12 Countries. One voice.

Tens of thousands of workers took action yesterday – from Seoul to NYC to LA – for the #StrikeforBlackLives to demand JUSTICE for Black workers. And we made it BIG with 160 cities in the US.

You’ve got to see it for yourselfcheck it out and share far and wide:

Generations of Black workers have been exploited, while our bosses make bigger and bigger profits. We’re overpoliced. We’re underpaid. We’re dying at higher rates from COVID-19. And we know that it’s not an accident.

Black essential workers – fast-food workers, nursing home workers, janitors, delivery people – have kept this country running at huge risk. Now, we are demanding MORE.

In Chicago, Fight for 15 leaders called on McDonald’s to guarantee all frontline workers personal protective gear like masks and a living wage for all

Protesters across the country took a knee at noon local time for 8 minutes and 46 seconds to honor George Floyd and so many others killed by police violence.

In Oakland, fast-food workers, Amazon workers, clergy, and other activists demanded an end to racial discrimination and unsafe working conditions.

Murals went up in eight cities calling for racial justice and an end to police violence.

Together, we demand justice for Black communities, we demand that the government do its job to protect ALL workers, we demand corporations be held accountable, and we demand the right to form and join a union no matter where we work.

Watch and share the #StrikeforBlackLives highlights here.

Thanks to the workers, partner unions, organizations, activists, and dedicated people who turned out, we made history – but we’re far from done.

We’re going to keep speaking up for racial and economic justice until we get it.