Good Airports Start With Good Jobs

Record heat scorched the country this summer, and when temperatures hit triple digits at America’s airports, the tarmac made it feel close to 120 degrees.

And because airport service workers do not have easy access to water, baggage handlers and cabin cleaners are forced to work in extreme conditions that get worse every year, sometimes to the point of needing to be hospitalized.

Airport service workers came together across the country for a powerful day of action to say they’ve had enough. Workers are fed up with how this overwhelmingly Black, brown, and immigrant workforce keep air travel secure and operational but are still paid the least amount, with few benefits and dangerous working conditions.

Taxpayers spend billions of dollars to keep airports running, but corporations continue to cut costs and push workers to the brink in order to maximize their own profits and give CEOs big bonuses.

Congress passed a stopgap bill to avert a shutdown, but they still need to pass a long-term funding bill that includes protections and higher wages for airport workers. Amplify our call to Congress to include Good Jobs for Good Airports fair wage and benefits standards for airport service workers >>