Black McDonald’s workers file racial discrimination lawsuit

Three Black McDonald’s workers filed a civil rights lawsuit in federal court accusing managers of using words like “ghetto”, “lazy”, and “smelly” to describe Black cooks and cashiers.

McDonald’s mistreatment of Black and Brown employees isn’t new. But this kind of hypocrisy and contempt for Black workers is unacceptable.

Add your name to demand that McDonald’s takes responsibility for the anti-Blackness in their stores and take action to end racial discrimination.

McDonald’s can’t put out press releases and social media posts saying that they stand with Black Lives when they:

  • Failed to protect workers during the COVID-19 crisis, a pandemic that has disproportionately affected Black and Brown people
  • Continue to ignore workers speaking out against racial discrimination and sexual harassment
  • Continue to pay poverty wages and work against their Black workers’ demands for $15, union rights, and safe and secure workplaces

McDonald’s must do better. Sign the petition NOW!