Fast-food Workers Win $20 and a Seat at the Table

Fast-food workers in California won next-level worker power to wrap up the California legislative session. The path has been cleared for California to create the nation’s first Fast Food Council where 550,000 workers will have a seat at the statewide decision-making table alongside giant fast-food corporations. In addition, fast-food workers will now have a $20 minimum wage starting April 1, 2024.

The formation of the Fast Food Council gives workers the ability to shape minimum standards around wages, working hours and workplace conditions for all of California’s half million fast-food workers, force companies like McDonald’s, Starbucks, and other fast-food giants to sit at the same table as us to set statewide standards, and will serve as a national model for many different types of workers.

It took 10 years of strikes, organizing, and action in the streets, but now we have real power to fix an industry plagued by wage theft, sexual harassment, and health and safety issues. And this victory will be felt most by the workers who have fought the hardest. Share this powerful video of our workers the moment the bill was signed.