CNN: Why we’re fighting for MLK’s final cause

Today, as the Poor People’s Campaign joins thousands of fast-food workers and the Fight for $15 as we march in Memphis, the Campaign’s co-chairs make the case in CNN why the fight for union rights and a living wage is central to the fight for a national moral revival.

Dr. Reverend William Barber II and Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis write:

Five decades after our country declared a war on poverty, it now fights a war against the poor. Today, 64 million Americans are paid less than $15 an hour — including roughly half of black workers and almost 60% of Latino workers.

The systemic poverty and racism America faces today was not inevitable. It is the result of choices made by politicians and corporations. Rather than using their power to lift Americans out of poverty, politicians and corporations over the last 50 years have worked hand in hand to cut wages, cut jobs and cut workers’ freedom to stick together in a union.

Check out the rest of Rev. Dr Barber and Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis’ CNN op-ed here.