Disney: Workers make too little to eat working at the most magical place on earth

Workers sounded off about Disney’s unjust wages at the #StopDisneyPoverty town hall this Saturday in Anaheim, CA. Disney’s profits are skyrocketing — but they still refuse to pay their employees enough to pay their rent and support their families.

Disney claims to be the place where dreams come true, but workers at the town hall told stories of a harsher, more unjust reality: serving hundred-dollar meals to guests only to go hungry themselves and driving hours to get to work because they can’t afford rent.



Senator Bernie Sanders joined workers to hold Disney accountable, saying, “If Disney can pay their CEO hundreds of millions of dollars, they damn well can pay their workers at least $15/hr.”



“You talk about being a family-oriented company, well we got families right here,” he continued.



He closed out his speech with an important reminder: “They got the money, and they got the power. But there is something that we have that they don’t have — we have morality on our side and we have the people.”



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