It’s Time to Demand a Federal Minimum Wage Increase

Senator Sanders stands outside the Capitol

Can you believe the U.S. federal minimum wage is still just $7.25/hr? And it’s been this way for almost 15 YEARS! NO ONE can live off this poverty wage. It’s a disgrace to hardworking people struggling to put food on the table and working two, or even three, jobs to keep a roof over their heads.

Senator Bernie Sanders recently introduced legislation to increase the federal minimum wage to $17/hr. This could change the lives of MILLIONS of hardworking people! Tell Congress to step up and support the federal minimum wage increase TODAY.

We can’t wait any longer. Each day that passes without action is another day that working people are forced to choose between paying rent or buying groceries. Rich people keep getting richer, and the inequality gap just keeps growing. Meanwhile, these greedy corporations are making record-breaking profits while breaking the backs of us workers. We need to hold these companies accountable and make them pay us our fair share.

Workers everywhere and across industries are demanding higher pay that keeps up with the skyrocketing cost of living. Across the country, from New York City to Chicago to Los Angeles, workers are rising up to demand $17/hr, $20/hr, $25/hr and beyond — whatever they need to support their families and build thriving communities.

It’s time to take action and demand a federal minimum wage increase. Let’s send a strong message to Congress that the time for change is NOW. We need a living wage – the lives of millions of Americans depend on it!