The Fight for $15: Proud and United in Richmond

What a historic weekend.

The march is winding down, but this movement is just getting started. Today and yesterday, thousands and thousands of  workers came together to talk about what type of world they want to live in, and supported each other in planning for how they’ll make that vision a reality.

We met and marched through downtown Richmond, VA – the former capital of the Confederacy – because racial justice is indivisible from economic justice. To turn the tide on poverty wages, we must address 400 years of systemic racism.

This fight has never been about only winning $15 – and it’s not just about the 64 million U.S. workers making less than $15 an hour. We are all in the same boat.

We’ve shown what we can accomplish when we come together and act like a union. In just a few years, we’ve won raises for almost 20 million workers – in states like New York and California, and in cities like D.C. and Seattle.

Spread the word now: We’re proud and united in Richmond — and will keep pushing until we WIN $15 and union rights EVERYWHERE.