Over 1,000 to march in Detroit ahead of presidential debates

Fast-food workers are gathering in Detroit Thursday to send a clear message to our next president: It’s time for $15 an hour and union rights. The Detroit Free Press reports:

The demonstrations — which workers have been staging in metro Detroit for more than two years — are expected to involve hundreds of employees, including Stitt, and emphasize demands for more pay, better working conditions and a calls for racial justice, organizers said.

Organized with the help by a group calling itself the Fight for $15, the demonstrations are timed to coincide with presidential debates, primaries and caucuses, as the calls for increased wages seem to gather momentum — and moves into the political arena..

“Workers have been doing this all over the country,” said Kendall Fells, the national organizing director of the Fight for $15 group. “They’re saying: I don’t care if you are a Democrat or a Republican or you’re running for dog catcher or for president. We want $15. We want a union. We want racial equality in this country. And they’re going to vote for the candidate who will force those issues, no matter what political party they are from — or what their name is.”.

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