It’s on: HUGE strike in Chicago, as 10,000 prep to march on McDonald’s

“We Work, We Sweat, Put $15 on Our Check!” rang out across Chicago today as fast-food cooks and cashiers went on strike and closed down downtown Chicago’s Rock N Roll McDonald’s during the busy lunch hour.

Workers will keep the fight going into the night, with 10,000 people marching on McDonald’s headquarters ahead of their annual shareholder meeting, where they decide how to spend their immense profits.  

Home care, child care, fast-food, airport, and university workers are marching together with a clear message: McJobs cost us all. It’s time for McDonald’s to pay people enough to live – and stop passing off costs onto taxpayers.

McDonald’s workers from five countries spanning three continents traveled to Illinois to join the protests, which will continue Thursday morning when workers march directly on the company’s shareholder meeting.