MASSIVE: Thousands of Pennsylvania workers win $15

After major Fight For $15 victories in California and New York, we have more great news. Workers at Pennsylvania’s largest private employer (UPMC), along with thousands of nursing home workers at 42 facilities across Pennsylvania won $15 an hour wages. These are historic breakthroughs that will lift thousands of Pennsylvania workers out of poverty. Together, the wage increases will inject tens of millions of dollars into communities across Pennsylvania to lift up working families and boost our economy.

“It’s difficult to describe how exciting it feels that we won $15 an hour in our new union contract. Nursing home work is extremely hard and extremely important. This is the first step in helping turn this job into a career for me and for so many other caregivers across the state,” said Dana Roscoe, a CNA from Bethel Park.

“We said from the start that fair wages will go a long way in making sure our residents get the best care possible,” said Qwandisia Cooper, a CNA from Philadelphia.“We know caregivers are worth it and our residents are worth it. Having our employer acknowledge that by giving us $15 an hour is satisfying to say the least.”

That’s why – on April 14 – workers in Pennsylvania, and across the country will be hitting the streets celebrating recent wins and calling on other employers to also raise wages to $15 an hour to create an economy that works for everyone. Join us >>