Raise Up for $15

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Before the Fight for $15 began, raising the minimum wage wasn’t even an issue. In just a few years, we’ve brought this issue to the forefront of discussion – and we are winning. Places like California, New York State, and Washington, DC have approved legislation for $15/hour. As long as we stick together, we will win $15/hour and union rights FOR ALL.

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About Raise Up

Fast-food and low wage workers, mostly adults with families, and those who support us are fighting for the just compensation and dignified treatment that all hardworking Americans deserve. We demand a fair wage of $15 an hour and the right to form a union without retaliation so we can support our families, strengthen our economy, and improve our communities.

Each year, fast-food workers bring over $200 billion into their stores and restaurants of across the U.S., but almost all of these profits make rich executives and investors even richer while we struggle to provide ourselves and our families with basic necessities. We believe that people who work hard for a living should make enough to support themselves, their families and their neighborhoods – and that workers should be treated with dignity and respect. That’s why we’re coming together to Fight for $15.

For press inquiries, contact press@fightfor15.org.