Starbucks Workers and Allies Take the Fight to the CEO

Thousands of Starbucks employees and allies raised their voices and their lattes in the biggest Day of Action yet. Over 1,700 customers and allies in 47 states, across 592 stores and 11 college campuses joined workers in solidarity to demand that Starbucks stop union-busting and live up to their supposedly progressive ideals.

All year, thousands of Starbucks workers have voted, marched, petitioned, and protested to demand Starbucks respect our right to a union. Meanwhile, Starbucks, which posted $3.3 billion in profits last year, has responded with a brutal, bullying anti-union campaign of threats, intimidation, firings, store closings and refusing to meet us at the bargaining table.

Across the country and across industries, workers are demanding respect and an end to union-busting. Whether we work in coffee shops, airports, writer’s rooms, fast-food kitchens, or auto factories, our demands are the same: Respect Us. Protect Us. Pay Us.

Show you’re with us by signing our petition to Starbucks CEO Laxman Narasimhan. Tell him to respect workers, stop union-busting, and meet us at the bargaining table!