Second 2020 debates show candidates hear our message on $15/hr and climate

The second round of democratic debates made it clear that the politicians have heard our messages on raising the minimum wage, union rights, and fighting climate change—check out some of the highlights below:

Virtually every candidate now says they support a $15 minimum wage and many are increasingly supporting the creation of a Green New Deal.

But sound bites and vague commitments are NOT enough. Before the debate, we joined protesters in Detroit to demand action on climate change and workers’ rights. Only three candidates have released detailed plans that make it easier for hard-working people to join unions, and the candidates only spent 20 minutes discussing climate change. Candidates need to release plans showing they understand that a Green New Deal isn’t just about climate justice—it’s about economic justice as well.

It is clear that our movement is winning victories for Black, Brown and white Americans alike, and that we will continue to fight and WIN. Candidates can’t just say they are with us on these issues—they need to prove it. Will you join us?

Take Fight for 15’s election survey now to let candidates know how they can PROVE they’ll fight for working people.