Solidarity Summer is Here

Individuals on Strike outside the Starbucks strike bus.

Over 3,000 Starbucks workers at 150+ stores across the country went on strike in June.

Thousands of hotel workers went back on strike in Los Angeles, and the writers’ strike has been going on for months.

Now, SAG-AFTRA is striking too until their demands are met.

The jobs are different but many of the issues are the same: workers are sick of being disrespected.

We’re sick of getting paid less than what we deserve just so wealthy CEOs and their shareholders can pad their profits. We’re sick of racist, bigoted systems that try to divide us, whether it’s racist policies that keep Black and brown workers’ wages low or transphobic employers threatening to take away our healthcare if we unionize.

We need you there with us in solidarity. Take action now by signing up to volunteer with Starbucks workers who are organizing their workplaces.