Starbucks Workers #StrikeWithPride!

A group of individuals on Strike.

Across the country, Starbucks workers went on STRIKE! Managers had been tearing down Pride flags in Starbucks stores – and that’s just the latest in their string of attacks on LGBTQIA+ workers. Tell Starbucks today to stop silencing queer workers!

Ever since we began our fight for union rights, Starbucks has been coming down hard on queer workers. That includes:

  • Firing queer worker-leaders unionizing for better wages, benefits, and workplaces.
  • Threatening to take away gender-affirming healthcare benefits for trans baristas.
  • Tolerating harassment and abuse of queer workers.

And yet, Starbucks still has the guts to claim they support trans and queer workers. If Starbucks really wanted to support us, they would listen to us, listen to our concerns, and meet us at the bargaining table in good faith.

Starbucks’ hypocrisy hit especially hard during Pride month. So many of us chose to work for them because of their stated “progressive values.” But it’s clear now that Starbucks doesn’t care about LGBTQIA+ workers – or any of its workers for that matter.

We won’t tolerate Starbucks’ anti-worker bullying. Sign on in solidarity now >>