Union support runs deep in Memphis

In Memphis this Saturday, candidates came together with dozens of workers to discuss their strong support for unions.



It’s unions that are key to helping workers like Joyce fight for a living wage for all — regardless of full-time or part-time status. Equal pay for equal work!



And it’s unions that will help reform unsafe workplaces like Lakesha’s, which has no air conditioning or fans to protect workers from the blazing summer heat.



Home care workers like Sepia, who spend their days caring for the most vulnerable among us, deserve a union to help take care of them.



In response, candidates shared how unions have impacted their own lives, and affirmed their commitment to pro-union policies.


Statehouse candidate Torrey Harris is from a proud union family: “Without my mother being a union member, she wouldn’t have been able to send me to school.”



Restaurant worker and Statehouse candidate Allan Creasy said that the need for unions and a living wage is the reason he was called to run for office.



Say it louder: it’s time to unrig the system! America needs unions!